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Mccarthyism vs the Crucible Synopsis

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During the 1950s, there were many accusations against many people for being communists; such accusations sprouted from an outburst of fear and suspicion.   Although many citizens had no affiliation with communism, the majority of them came off as spies or participants of the idea.   In response to the people that were suspicious and appeared to be “communist spies”, President Truman ordered background checks on all of his government employees.   Paranoia not only took place in America during the 1950s, but it was also present in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.   The court asked all the accused to recite the 10 commandments if they seemed to be eccentric or guilty of witchcraft.   “’Do you know your commandments Elizabeth?...and you mister’”(Act II)? The facts in both unreasonable periods reveal the abuse of power in the superior leaders.

After several trials of advertising the communists were continued, more organizations and people were chiming in to discover the enemy peoples.   The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) was determined to exterminate all the communists in Hollywood; therefore, they targeted the actors, writers, and producers to surrender all the information they had about anyone who could potentially be a communist, or they would be blacklisted.   “Those who repented and named names of suspected communists were allowed to return to business as usual,” states the McCarthy article.   Similar occurrences are found in The Crucible by Arthur Miller.   “’And I look-and there was Goody Good…and Goody Osburn’” (Act I).   Many of the interrogated people would lie to clear their name and live out their lives, which caused several innocent people their lives and their good names.   In both examples, the purpose was to discover and expose the communists and witches by blaming anyone but the interrogated individual, which gave the less powerful people secret power in society.

Although many writers, actors, and producers were...


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