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Unification of Korea

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Unification, the First Step to Make Perfect Korea.

It is a well-known fact that our korean peninsula has been divided into two pieces: North Korea and South Korea. For over 68 years, we, South Koreans and North Koreans, have been constantly reminded of the misfortunate scars that wounded us deeply. These started with territory separation, dispersion of families and friends, the cleft of national homogeneity and political conflict between democracy and socialism. As the international society has been condemning North Korea for developing nuclear weapons and awakening urgency of unification in South Korea, I think this is the perfect time to make an effort to achieve peace in North-Eastern Asia and retrieve the Korean Peninsula from the effect of the 1950's devastating warfare and racial breakups.

The economic situation in the South, is far superior to the one in the North. South Korea, the country which adapted capitalism and market economy, overcame the critical situation and became an economic power. North Korea, however, has been suffering never-ending hardships such as terrible hunger, natural disasters and lack of national treasury and as been called 'One of the poorest countries in the world'. The North Korean authority is using military and other countries' humanitarian aids to maintain their power, and it is in a domination position.

Under these circumstances, when North Korean children are dying from hunger, people are wandering aimlessly, and its citizens are escaping their homeland for survival while their dictator exploits them and commits a crime against humanity. Just look at us, we are pretty fortunate compared to them. So, think about it, is it appropriate behavior that we don't show any interest, or any compassion for them, even if they belongs to same ethnic group? We should consider the unification as top priority in order to save them from a severe human rights crisis and accomplish a common society of korean people.

Since we...


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