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Essay for Business University

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Dear Sir/Madam my name is Fares Sereir, and I write to you this essay based on the following question I chose.
What do you hope to achieve at IE business school, and what do you hope to accomplish in the future?
I have always wanted more in life, to accomplish what has not been accomplished; to be the one changing the world. I believe that life is a journey, one in which so much can be accomplished; if enough hard work is put into it. The world is changing every day, we do not know what the future holds, but we know for certain that it is getting better, and it is making life better for all of us.   The future holds endless possibilities, and opportunities for those who choose to make a change, and I have always wanted to be part of the future, part a greater cause, a vision that will change the future and the world around us. I decided to come to IE Business school not just for its great reputation across the world, but also for its ideal location in Madrid; a city where you experience change and innovation around you. I hope that after graduating at IE and achieving a Master’s or PhD in my field of choosing, I shall learn all the techniques and skills and gain some experience as to how Business works, and its effect on the world; and put these techniques to use in real life. I know that there is a lot to learn and experience to gain, but I believe and always have believed that if you really want something in life, and you work hard enough anything is possible.
I have always loved wathing the news, because sometimes they would invite some great world leaders for interviews, such as Waren Buffet, Bill Gates, Alisher Usmanov, Georgina Rinehart and many more. As I watched these leaders answering challenging questions, talking about the future and change, innovation for the future. I asked myself “Why could that not be me?”. Most people nowadays graduate and take jobs at companies, but I never considered that option I have always wanted to start something of my own,...


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