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As You Like It

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Daniel Hutton
EH426: Renaissance Drama
Dr. Hugh K. Long
Athens State University

William Shakespeare’s As You Like It (the not-so-well-known comedy) was one the of the biggest hits of Athens State University -- or so I have heard. Then again, I remain partial to it considering I had three roles in the play. However, with all that aside I am ready to present a fair and unbiased review of As You Like It. From casting to acting, I plan to cover it all. With that said, I thought it was a pretty good show with a lot to offer.
The director of the show -- Dr. Hugh K. Long -- brought more than his fair share of originality to this show, and did so successfully. As he states in the “Director’s Note” section of the program, “After shattering glass unicorns and burning down the columns of Founder’s Hall, I felt it was time to lighten the mood and bring a few tears of laughter to our new theatrical community at Athens State University.” If this were his main goal, I would say he completely succeeded. I can tell you, from the standpoint of an actor in the play, that every night of the productions run the Student Center Ballroom was filled with laughter. I should note that the laughter was not just from the audience, but also from the entire cast! Every show was different because every actor changed something every time he or she went on stage. It worked great and everyone left with a smile.
The storyline of the play may not have been the easiest to follow, but that didn’t stop anyone (other than an elderly couple who got confused and walked out) from laughing and enjoying themselves. To me, this is a sign of a great show! Dr. Long’s goal was realized and the entire cast and crew had a blast, so I would say that it was well worth “saying or doing.”

Overall, the quality of the show was good. Though there were a few mishaps (as is expected), the actors did well remembering their lines and bringing together a great show. The same goes for the Set...


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