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Love Making in the Wilderness

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A Doll’s House
Helmer- There’s some truth in what you’re saying, with all this drama. But it will start to change. Stop playing around time to learn.
Nora- Whose learning, mine or our children?
Helmer- Both of yours!
Nora- Torvald, you’re not going to tell me on how bad of a wife I am to you!
Helmer- Why would you say that?
Nora- Or how I teach the children.
Helmer- Nora!
Nora- Didn’t you say a moment ago, you didn’t trust me with them?
Helmer- I was upset. Why bring the past up?
Nora- Because you’re right! I’m leaving you! I need to learn on my own.
Helmer- [Jumping up]Yeah and what’s that?
Nora- I need to be on my own, and discover the world, rather than be in this house all day doing nothing!
Helmer- Wow, Nora.
Nora- I’m leaving soon. I’ll be with Kristine tonight.
Helmer-You’re insane! Please don’t go. I don’t want you to.
Nora-From now on, I don’t want you trying to change my mind! I’ll take what’s mine. I don’t want any contact with you and the children for awhile.
Helmer- What are you talking about?
Nora- Tomorrow I’m going home, where I was born it’ll be easier to find something to do up there.
Helmer- This is pathetic and immature of you.
Nora- I must learn to be mature then, Torvald!
Helmer- You’re leaving your home, me, and the children? Also you’re not thinking of what people will say?
Nora- I can’t be concerned with that, right now!
Helmer- So you’ll just run out on us? What about your vows to me?
Nora- And what are my vows to you?
Helmer- I have to tell you? We are committed to each other, and to raise our kids together!
Nora- I have other things to do.
Helmer- So not true, what are they?
Nora- Duties to myself!
Helmer- But you’re a wife and a mother.
Nora- I don’t believe in that anymore! I’m a human being and can make decisions for myself. I don’t need you or books to tell me.
Helmer- But your place is here. Where’s your religion?
Nora- Torvald, I’m not sure what my religion is.
Helmer- What?
Nora- I only know...


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