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The Sand Making Machine Make High-Performance Concrete

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The sand making machine make high-performance concrete
With the development of economy, increased energy demand,   the scale of mining development is continually expanded, so that the tailings increase, and natural sand keeps reducing or even is destroyed.

The tailings can be formed the sand through processing by sand making machine to instead of natural sand. We can use rejected tailings to reduce the environmental pollution caused by accumulation of tailings. On the one hand, we ease the lack of resources on sand; on the other hand, we also found a new way out for product structure of mine adjustment. At the same time, the way also accords with the requirement of sustainable development. In the light of angular sand particles, big roughness of mechanism sand, and the small modulus slants of natural fine sand, big cement dosage, we can make mechanism sand and fine sand mixed in a certain proportion, which is used for high performance concrete, so that water consumption can be reduced, save costs and improve the efficiency and durability of concrete.

Great Wall Heavy Industry has gotten the several years of research and production experience, introduced the international advanced technology to create a series of sand making machine, of which 5 X series high vertical shaft system sand sand machine has the plastic effect, production of mechanism of sand particle shape for sharp, edges form, which is different from the round shape of natural sand, it has the big bond, strong mechanical bite; In addition, mechanism sand has right amount of limestone containing sand which can improve the concrete workability, has the role of fill the void. when the content is not big, along with the increase of the cement, the concrete density of sand mechanism also increases. Improving the paste-aggregate interface structure will be helpful for the improvement of the early concrete strength.


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