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How Does the Mining Mixer Operate by Itself?

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Before what I said, we may know the application of the mixer, such as

Mining mixer is used for mixing pulp before flotating separation work, which mixes the pulp with medicament sufficiently for mineral selection. But do you know how the mixer work? So today we will say something about its working principle.

The mixing tank can also used for mixing other non-metallic minerals. It is applied in the material with density not higher than 30% (calculated by weight) and fixed material size less than 1mm. It is flat-bottomed barrel with mechnical mixing method by radiant circular spiral impeller.

The first term on the right is the original two signals, as expected, followed by the square of the sum, which can be rewritten as , where the multiplied signal is obvious. The ellipsis represents all the higher powers of the sum which we assume to be negligible for small signals.

The product is pushed over the elements, spiral walls, causing the liquid in the center to move radial to the outer diameter and the product on the outside to move vice versa. This leads to a difference in speed between the product molecules causing shearing of the product.

Mixer can be a variety of materials into a uniform mixture with, such ascement, sand, gravel and water mixture into the wet concrete and other materials;also can increase the surface area of materials to promote the chemical reaction;also can accelerate physical changes, such as granular solute adding solvent, by mixing the role of mechanical mixing can be accelerated dissolution.

Another form of mixer operates by switching, with the smaller input signal being passed inverted or uninverted according to the phase of the local oscillator (LO). This would be typical of the normal operating mode of a packaged double balanced mixer, with the local oscillator drive considerably higher than the signal amplitude.

The advantage of a switching mixer is that it can achieve - with the same effort - a lower noise figure (NF)...


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