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Let Marble Stone Mill Scrap Reborn Again

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  Marble , also known as white marble , is mainly used for the processing of various profiles, sheet metal , building walls, floors , and do monumental building materials. Marble is mainly composed of calcite , limestone, serpentine and dolomite . Its main ingredients are calcium -based, accounting for more than 50%. It is understood that , because of the characteristics of the stone industry in the marble processing enterprises, customers need to buy the stone specifications vary . In order to meet customer demand, the fixed plate specifications drawn , it will have a variety of sizes of marble scrap remaining . So , for those small bits and pieces of marble , basically to "waste" to deal with.

   However , according to the survey more than just these leftover scrap ? Currently on the market is out of the marble waste re-use cases and success. Has marble powder manufacturers use alternative desulfurization limestone powder as successful trials . This development created a power plant using waste marble powder as desulfurizer precedent. Marble or other materials produced excellent quality calcium carbonate . Marble can also use scrap in the production process as the main raw material , processing and production of environmentally friendly Gaisu decoration materials.

  In summary marble mill has become a trend , there is a wide range of economic value after the marble processing into different fineness of powder , marble powder can be used in paints, plastics, rubber, chemical and other industries. VIPEAK Heavy launch a variety of special marble mill configurations: with Raymond mill processing marble fineness can reach 30 mesh to 400 mesh , with a high yield, low energy consumption, environmental protection and other features ; marble powder product fineness machining according to need between 325 to 2500 Head of arbitrary regulation , high pressure mill processing marble with a high yield, low energy consumption, the product fineness , security and high...


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