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How to Solve the Large Quantities of Red Powder Problem by Impact Crusher?

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Equipment of machinery industry in the process of production will always appear this or that kind of problems, these are very normal phenomenon. For example in the mineral processing industry the most prone to the phenomenon, that is crushing equipment in the production time will appear is the problem of the large amount of powder, in fact for different crushing equipment of the solution is not the same,We know counterattack crusher is mainly used in the engine room the rotation of the rotor drives the hammer head rotation against collision stone eventually make it broken, stone under the effect of the rotor collide with each other, forming a large stone, increase the material between the collide each other. In this process, the rotor spun, blast volume is bigger, small stone will overflow, cause dust pollution.

Impact   crusher actually work, in addition to the rotor turns out a large number of air, make stone powder, as well as its materials mainly through broken in the crushing chamber through a multistage crush grinding to complete, the fineness of the material being broken, smaller in the process of running, the powder is easy to fly out. In addition, the way it works mainly by pat broken is completed, will increase the amount of dust, and back plate for a long time the impact would be wear and tear, what is more, fall back panel will appear, this will cause the loss of counterattack crusher sealing greatly, increase the dust pollution. To solve the Impact   crusher work in a large quantity of powder, users in the use, can also equipped with dust removal equipment, or plus the closed hood, also can be in material before entering the Impact crusher inlet with a small amount of water wet materials or work directly with dust removal humidifier accompanied.


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