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Popular- Process Analysis Essay

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Popularity. Everyone, admitting or not, craves the positive attention from their peers and classmates. To be desired by those surrounding oneself and accepted amongst others is an inevitable side effect to the complete high school experience. No one goes to school with a want to be the out casted and sociopathic seeming student who has little to no friends; it could be said practically that teenagers lust for popularity. While some enter their school years with instant desirability, there are ways to make a popular being of oneself.
The first step to becoming popular is to lose every ounce of self respect one could possibly maintain; thus creating an appearance of vulnerability which is more appealing to the widely admired crowd. This is because the lack of self respect makes one come across as a more easily persuaded being which is exactly what certain groups would look for in a person; solely because it’s easier to add an attention craving zombie to their clique, as opposed to someone who might actually stand for what they believe in. To quicken the effect of the first step one could simply give in and choose to agree or be willing to do whatever the desired clan asks or defines as cool. The aforementioned first step on the road to popularity may have but is not limited to these side effects: losing friendships, making regrettable mistakes, backhanded compliments, and loss of self confidence.
Second on the journey to social inclination is kissing good grades goodbye! Popular people don’t have time for homework or extracurricular activities, and if one ever expects to reach that level of mass acceptance then grades should be forgotten or seen as extremely low importance. This way there will be plenty of class time to make jokes, a fool of oneself, and text friends. If time is managed wisely one could probably even make fun of their previous best friends and expose their weaknesses or insecurities to the rest of those with a more commonly craved...


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