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Life of Pi

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Can a person belong to more than one religion? Like a person can hold passport from different countries at the same time?

I've listened to a few "spiritual masters" and a lot of them have said that it doesn't matter what path you choose, just make sure it is one that resonates with you, and that it's not muddied with other doctrines and dogma. Some have said that when these practices get mixed too much, they lose their effectiveness as an individual practice. In my opinion I think that u shouldn’t  
                  In my case I believe that religion is a great experience, and does not support divisions. We travel the road of many cults, rituals, doctrines or dogmas, but are simply different ways of expressing our link with God and the Universe. They are different names for the same experience. Each religion has different concepts, each of them even have contradictory characteristics, but the essence is the same. I think it's worth experimenting that makes us feel good and connect us with God, beyond the origin or the name they have.
When we go back in the book we see that pi discuss the origins of his two religious faiths, Hinduism and Christianity. He suggests that we are all "born like Catholics," in that we are born in limbo, but our context provides a religion. Pi grew up a Hindu and describes the details that shaped him as one. Pi then tells of his first encounter with Christianity at age fourteen.
Analysis Pi's description of Hinduism is so detailed and so loving that it clearly shapes him, and the fact that it is his primary world view is demonstrated in Pi's first reaction to Christianity. However, Pi's suffering in the lifeboat is much closer to the agonies of Christ on the cross (down to the shared thirst) than to Hindu stories.
In conclusion Chapters 18-20: Summary these three chapters review Pi's first encounter with Islam which happened when he was fifteen. Pi meets another Satish Kumar, this one a Sufi mystic, who impresses him with the love...


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