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Georges Realtionship to the Characters in of Mice and Men

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Georges Relationships To Characters In Of Mice And Men:
George and Lennie- Steinbeck presents Lennie and George’s relationship as one of dominance. George leads Lennie and shows him the way and shows him how to act, ‘one stayed behind the other’ epitomizes that Lennie is a follower and needs a leader. This is also illustrated when George says sharply, ‘Lennie, for god sake don’t drink so much.’ This could be due to the fact that Lennie acts like a child, 'look, George, look what i done,’ captures the essence of Lennie looking for praise and that he wants to impress George. Lennie may say this to demonstrate how important George's opinion is and how important he is to Lennie.

Steinbeck uses the ‘American dream’ to exemplify George and Lennie’s relationship.   The shared dream gives both men something to look forward to but for different reasons, which enlightens us on how different the two men are. Lennie looks for ‘tending the rabbits’ and for George it gives him security and control. The dream was what most ranch workers had in the great depression but for Lennie and George it is different because they are sharing it. Lennie is more thrilled about it than George, which is embodied in the quotation ‘come on George, tell me.’ Lennie repeats himself, suggesting that although he knows what the dream is, he wants to hear it again to give him some security and hope.
While this is also the place where Lennie's dream will die, it will do so with peace and tranquility, at least in Lennie's mind. When George describes the dream, later at this pool, the atmosphere of nature and its beauty obviously inspire his words. He tells Lennie, "You … an' me. Ever'body gonna be nice to you. Ain't gonna be no more trouble. Nobody gonna hurt nobody nor steal from 'em." Now this place has also become enmeshed in the retelling of the dream that will bring them better lives. And even though we know that the dream is retold here with another meaning for George, we also see that Lennie...


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