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Lesson with Accommodations
Linsey Ainsworth, Laschicka Caine, Lindsay Medeiros and Kimberly Odens
February 10, 2014
Kathy E. Dahlum, Ed.D

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Subject(s) | History, Language Arts (English), Reading |
Topic or Unit of Study | Chapter Books, Decoding Multi-syllabic words, Grade level appropriate reading, Maps, American History |
Grade/Level | Grade 5 |
Objective |     * Remember: While working in groups and independently, the student will read text aloud and silently with 95% accuracy.   * Understand: While working independently, the student will demonstrate understanding of the story by summarizing the text in one paragraph.   * Apply: While working in pairs with an empty time line, the student will fill out five major events in chronological order.   * Analyze: While working in groups, the student will debate/discuss social and historical concepts from the text, providing at least three points to support each opinion.    * Evaluate: using information found in and inferred from the text, the student will make predictions about the text using complete sentences.   * Create: Using word processor, the student will write a two paragraph journal entry from the main character's perspective after each chapter, and create a cover illustration for their journal entries. |
Summary | Together as a class, students will read Elizabeth George Speare's novel The Witch of Blackbird Pond. The reading will be divided up over two weeks with one chapter being read each day in class and one chapter being read at home. The teacher will join groups and assess student reading accuracy with running records. On Monday of week one and week two, students will receive a vocabulary list with words from the novel to memorize-- spelling and definition tests will be on Friday of week one and two. To support higher-level thinking, the class will...


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