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The Drunk

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The Drunk Underneath
I’ve know this man for ten years of my life. Then came my tenth birthday, when I get a call from someone who you thought was a part of you saying “I don’t want you as my daughter anymore.” In fact, my family and friends told me not to trust him or get close to him, but I did anyway and got hurt. Let me introduce my biological father named Michael.
My relationship with my dad was too good to be true. He promised things that blew my mind when I was only six years old. He was a hardworking man for this pluming company. He had an apartment that was filled with nice furniture.. Michael was the type of guy who had all the perfect qualities a dad should have. He was kind and caring for my brother and me. Had great friends to always meet, he dressed so nice, always in dark blue jeans and nice Yankees sweatshirt. He would always come home from work with surprises such as ice cream sandwiches and flowers.   He fooled everyone including his own daughter.
So as time went on, he became very distant and started breaking promises to me and my brother. He was started to lie and do things a father shouldn’t be doing. Such as drinking more than two beers while my brother and I are in the other room, or start yelling and throwing things in the house when he get mad. Things started to go downhill from there. My mother decided it was best for him to distant himself from my brother and I until he got things straighten out. But I refused to not see him.
My father in my eyes where the perfect guy anyone would want and not trade it for anything in the world. But as I was growing up and becoming a woman, my dad started to drink more and become someone I was scared of. For instance, I was showering at his place over one weekend when I was seven, and pounded about five to six beers at a time and became really violent. He has a knife in his hands and opened the door to the bathroom and tripped over his own feet and cut me through the shower curtain. At that one moment...


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