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A Dying Dream
When it comes to having your own piece of land and feeding the chickens and petting the rabbits, Lennie believer is this dream…
The dream of owning their own farm one day seems perfect and exciting for Lennie and George. As described by George, they would have their own food grown on it as well as rearing their own livestock. It would be a paradise for them and a chance for freedom. They have created an idea that would be ideal, just like the Garden of Eden.   Unfortunately this is unrealistic, as the plan has numerous issues. The most challenging of these issues is that Lennie has special needs as he is retarded and George has to take constant care of him.
Lennie’s disability makes him unaware of his own strength. I feel Lennie is a burden on George, who has had to sacrifice most of his opportunities in life in order to take care of Lennie. I think that Lennie should go back and live with his aunt, where he could look after the rabbits that he so badly wanted. The dream of owning a farm would be far more attainable for George if he were able to pursue this on his own, because looking after Lennie creates more challenges.
Just keeping Lennie out of trouble has made it more difficult to obtain the money in order to buy the farm. Without Lennie, George will certainly have to work for longer in order to buy the farm, but it will all be worth it in the end. From the very beginning it is clear that this dream would not materialize if they pursued it together.
The dream no longer applies to them after the unintentional death of Curley’s wife, and the subsequent death of Lennie.


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