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Cybey Bullying

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Cyber bullying in teenagers
Cyber bullying is the use of information technology to harass and harm people in a repeated, deliberate, and hostile way. The most modern studies has defined cyber bullying, as an intentional, aggressive behavior that is conducted by an individual or a group over time and repeatedly, to a victim who may not be in a position to defend him or herself.
According to the United States legal department, cyber bullying is limited to gossips about an individual in the internet, posting rumors, or the point of identifying people and publishing humiliating and defaming materials about their character. This vice has become increasing common because of the rise in technology use. Its awareness has also risen to a great extent. It’s prudent to say that, cyber bullying is common mostly among the teenagers and that is what I seek to discuss. A cyber bully could be an online stranger or a person whom is known by the target, he may solicit engagement of people online that may not even have knowledge of anything going on.
Cyber bullying is the use of instant messaging, cell phones, chat rooms, e-mail and the social sites for networking such as twitter, face book to threaten, harass, or intimidate someone. This vice is usually done by the young people, who usually have frequent access to such technologies. The problem is made worse by the point that the bully hides behind any electronic veil, and may also hide his/her true identity hence makes it very cumbersome to trace the bully and this encourages them to continue bullying.
Cyber bullying includes such acts as sending provocative messages, making threats, gay bashing, attempting to infect ones computer with a virus, and also sending one so many messages in his/her inbox. The victim may handle this by trying to limit computer connection period, ignoring threatening messages or defaming messages, and avoiding opening e-mail messages from people you do not know. Other ways to deal with...


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