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Sand Stone Production Line to Meet the Demand for Sand Industry

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Sand is an important raw material in construction, especially because of the wide use of concrete building structure, amount of sand production line in the growing on sand, quality of sand making machine requirements are increasingly high, the basic line with the technical standards of foreign countries. Therefore there is expansion of concrete and aggregate industry more and more enterprises choose.
Since last year, the cement industry excess capacity caused by the cement market in the doldrums, major cement companies are looking for new markets, some cement to go the way of transformation and upgrading, to enhance the power of enterprise development, to seek new economic point of growth. In the cement industry to accelerate the pace of integration, merger and reorganization of enterprises tide comes, many cement enterprises have transformed into related industries, sand production is one of them.

Although the use of sand production industry in China depends on the equipment in the sand stone production line crusher machine , sand making machine and other new equipment, production level has been greatly improved, but the other industries in to the stone market is not in the minority, due to the different understanding of industry and the shallow layer of sand industry understanding, the sand industry there are many problems:

1. the implementation of industry standards and the lack of supervision. Sand industry standard no execution and lack of supervision, to a large extent sand industry form a vicious spiral, sand quality can't be improved;

2. the sand industry awareness and one sidedness.

3. many of the quarry crusher products quality is poor, affecting the quality of concrete.Low sand quality, greatly contributed to the concrete quality is low.

4, the user units even producers do not fully understand the aggregate function,can not take the initiative to improve the quality of the products.

5, the large consumption of resources. As a resource...


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