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Enriching Science
By: Shelbie Trest
Art for Elementary Teachers
October 11, 2013

S. Trest 1                                                                                                                                           1  
Many teachers are being asked to add art into their lesson plans, as a way to reinforce the subject material to their students. It can be easy to incorperate art into some subjects like history, but tyring to incorpotate it into other subjects like science can be more difficult.   Though when you start looking at the technical side of art, from characteristics of materials, to using the scientific process, the possibilites are endless (Swanson).
Many children learn best from hands on activites and seeing the matierals for themsleves first hand. After learning how to teach color theory , instead of just telling the students how colors blend, one can go deeper and explain how their eye color is a pecieved. Students can then look into a partner’s eyes and tell how their eye color became depicted. Younger children may think all paint is the same, or may only know a few, but do not know the difference. One can teach their students about the different kinds of paints. These paints include water color, acrylics, latex and oil. A teacher can then let their students experiment with each kind of paint, and learn about their differences (Swanson).
After a long day in the classroom many students would love to go outside and learn something in that environment. One could introduce artists of the past that have studied nature. John James Audubon and Leonardo da Vinci both were scientist of art, studing the world around them. Students can do the same by documenting some of the things around them in nature and relate them to the scientific perspective. Students can keep a journal just as Da Vinci did about sketching animals and trees leaves from the sky.
A fourth way to incoporperate art is to have students understand the...


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