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Summer Vacation

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Summer Vacation
Summertime fun in the sun started with the ringing of the last bell of the day. It signified that it was time to throw away old home work assignments and to forget about everything school related for the next two months. Summer vacation is a time of simple pleasures and exciting times of the year. Two months of late night sleepovers with best friends, going to the water parks and the most awaited family summer vacation. When the time for summer vacation finally came around, my family always had a camping trip planned to the . It was me, my two brothers, my cousin, her cousins, my aunt and uncle and my mom and dad. For some it was a dreadful thing but not for my close family and me.

The trip there was 3 hours, son on the way we had to make a few stops. Our first stop was at a restaurant, Ana’s Restaurant. Breakfast at Ana's was like a traditional trip must we went there every summer on our way to the forest. We stopped there for breakfast and I loved the place because it was shaped like a big house so it felt like home, and on the front of the restaurant there was a statue of a dog but I didn’t know why, I never asked her before, it was because she had a dog named spike and he died right before she opened her restaurant, so she decided to make a statue in memory of spike. The inside of the restaurant was themed like a diner from the 60's and it always smelled like coffee and pancakes that's why I love the place so much. The waitresses were very nice and they didn't mind that I took like 10 minutes to order banana caramel pancakes with bacon and orange juice. Our second stop was for bathroom brakes. We stopped at a highway stop to sue the restrooms, to feed the dog, and walk around for a few minutes before leaving again because we were behind on schedule so mom and dad decided that there weren't going to be anymore stops after this one. I got out of the car and immediately went to the blue swings next to the big gazebo in the little park area...


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