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Topic: Crime

Police should be given the power to shoot to kill all law breakers. Do you agree or disagree?

The most talked about issue that hits the daily newspapers and the radio waves today is the ever increasing crime rate which is creating a bad image of our country. The Post Courier reported on its Friday, 7th May, 2004 edition that the possible solution to crime is to give police the power to shoot to kill all law breakers. Is killing the criminals the best way to reduce crime rate in Papua New Guinea? The NBC radio reported on the same day on its 6:00 news segment that   police should be given the power to shoot to kill all law breakers of the country because they are not fit to live among other people in the society. There are however many other better ways to solve crime in Papua New Guinea.

One of the possible ways to solve crime is to invest in education.   In doing so the government should put more money into helping Papua New Guineans gain some form of education. Once people are educated, they have the knowledge of differentiating between right and wrong. Education also leads to knowing the laws or constitution of the country and by knowing the laws of the country people are likely to abide by it because they wouldn’t want to face the consequences or the penalty that is set for breaking these laws. It is for this reason that foreign countries such as United States have a lot of scientist, technicians and many other professionals in their country.

The other possible way to solve crime is the involvement of young people in social activities such as sports. The more young people are engaged in sports and other social activities, the less interested they become in criminal activities. This is because their minds are pre-occupied with sports and such activities that they become so obliged to it. This is the reason that led to the crime reduction in Wau town.

The final and most important means through which crime can be solved is through...


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