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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Genesis

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Trey Schneider
Mr. Corte
9 December 2013
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Genesis
i. What does he mean by eternal characters?
ii. What does he mean by “using the lens of modern psychology”?
iii. What do accidents include?
iv. What is it like to walk with God?
v. How long really was this 120 years?
a. 120 years represents a time period until the flood begins.
vi. How burdensome was life on the ark?
a. Watching all known civilization be destroyed was psychologically traumatic to Noah. He and his family were the only humans on earth when they got off the ark.
vii. Why did Noah drink so much when he had an encounter with his son?
a. Noah was the first to discover the unsuspected power of his fruit he grew therefore he shall not be morally condemned for his behavior.
viii. What are other common outlets for patients with PTSD?
ix. How many angels talked to Lot?
a. 2 angels.
x. What does catatonic mean?
a. Rigidity or extreme laxness of limbs. It’s a state of neurogenic motor immobility.
xi. Why does this guy keep talking weird?
a. Luger is transliterating the text from the Torah and then providing the common translation.
xii. Why couldn’t Isaac find his own spouse?
a. It was mentally difficult for Isaac to leave his house after his father almost killed him and his mother died.
xiii. Why was Isaac terrified Rebekah would be taken from him and he will be killed?
a. Rebekah was very attractive so he told the men of Gerar she was his sister. Isaac feared if he said Rebekah was his wife, the men of Gerar would kill him and take his wife.

In “Flood, Salt, and Sacrifice: Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in Genesis,” Steven Luger explains different accounts of post-traumatic stress disorder in Genesis. He encourages us to use the viewpoint of modern psychology to help comprehend the behaviors of three people with post-traumatic stress disorder. The National Institute of Mental Health defines post-traumatic stress disorder as:...


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