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In the Mineral Processing Equipment Factory Drying Equipment

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In the mineral processing equipment factory anti-corrosion materials drying equipment and manufacturing method of phosphate - passivation technology can in the humid air placed ten days, never rust. Simple operation method dryer it, can improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity,limestone crusher for sale save manpower and material resources. For the rich phosphate -- passivation disposal liquid emulsifier, molybdate, soluble phosphate and various acid, this method not only in the drying models, other similar layout or rack can choose this method for corrosion protection. In the production of oscillation fluidized bed dry machine, seventy percent parts are steel layout. Process turnaround time is longer, so the surface create a lot of rust, before painting need more manpower to rust. Drying machine phosphating -- passivation technology, is the result of electrical and electrochemical reaction, after a one-time disposal, not only can make the steel workpiece with full of rust, showing the original appearance of the metal color, together produce fine anti rust coating on metal surface. The electrostatic powder coating used in boring equipment production by ordinary carbon steel for electrostatic spraying polyester powder coating, corrosion resistance can be completely comparable with stainless steel. Because the powder coating has a tough, durable, good decorative features, and good outdoor weathering resistance and heat resistance, together with so outstanding corrosion resistance and resistance to pulverization function, good gloss and color, function, anti electrostatic powder coating completely suitable for boring machine equipment.
The traditional paint is liquid, which contains a lot of ester, ketone and hydrocarbon and other organic solvents, to production, storage and transportation, construction will bring a series of trouble, flammable and explosive and is not safe. The dryer has certain toxic, volatile into the atmosphere, serious pollution...


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