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Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4?

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This is why I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than the iPhone 5
1. It is quicker (1.9 quad core processor/ 1.6ghz Octa core vs 1.3 dual core processor)
2. Microsd- you can expand the memory with a 64gb microsd. This a cheaper way to expand your memory and you can have a 16 gb S4 and still have more storage than iphone 5 if you get a 64gb microsd.
3. USB OTG- you can read usb keys no problem with an adapter so you can check out whats on them so you don't have to put your computer on.
4. Microusb charger- Better than the lighting connector as you can get them easily and cheaply but also you might have it from other devices as it is becoming standard for smartphones to use microusb chargers.
5. Removable battery- This means you can replace the battery if you run out of charge when you are around unlike the iphone 5 which you have to charge or bring an external charger and charge it from there, however this is an awkward way of charging your phone. Also the removable battery can help you prevent water damage as you can remove the battery if it falls in water, thus reducing the chances of water damage.
6. NFC- Want to transfer a music album quicker than bluetooth, well now you can with NFC. You can also use Tectiles 2 to make your life easier
7. Customizable- Change launcher(Are you bored, get a new launcher that suits you and your personality), custom ROM your phone and have access to apps specifically made for rooted devices directly on the play store. You control the device so that it suits you.
8. Dropbox- Love cloud storage well Samsung is offering 50gb free of charge to S3 owners for 2 years on Dropbox. Backup music, video, photos(this can be done automatically), documents etc. Who doesn’t want this amount of free cloud storage?(You have to complete a certain amount of steps to get the free storage but none requires any credit card details or anything to complicated) (N.B Not everyone will be offered this bonus as carriers have been...


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