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Water Conservation

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Our bodies are made up of 65-70% of water. The world contains about 71% of water, of that 97.5%mis salt water leaving only 2.5% for fresh drinking water. Although there are several problems in the world such as global warming, poverty, and alternative fuel, we will never be able to fix them if we are not able to live long enough to come up with solutions.
The average human needs to drink 80 ounces of water a day. With our population growing and with water becoming sparse, there needs to be a solution that would not only conserve the water the world needs for nature to continually take the water the world needs for nature to continually take the water it needs and allow humans to have water we need to survive. 
Currently there is one solution that has become quite popular. It is the use of rain water. Rain water, also known as rain harvesting systems, collect and filter rain water into drinking water. These devices are placed on areas that do not need the water, such as concrete. It's a very simple system that collects water from roof tops and then leads water down to the gutters, and then a pipe from the gutters down the side of the house into the water harvesting system. 
Some companies have already incorporated rain harvesting systems into their building structures. Most of them use it for basic water necessities such as a sprinkler system or even water for toilets. There is even an entire building that is designing its structure around a rain harvesting system. This building is called the Shanghai Tower, and although it will not be ready until 2014, it is sure to lead in example as to what needs to be done to save the people of this planet while also helping it. 
Rain harvesting systems are a great solution, but it is only the first step into helping the world and the people on it. There are other simple things that we can do consciously to prevent water being wasted.
There was recently a student featured in the Yahoo news for his science project of water...


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