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To start segmenting, firstly I had to choose 2 different types of segmentation rules/systems. My choice was to be led by ROPER and Motivaction segmentation methods. I chose those two methods, because I am the most familiar with them out of all and this would make my work more efficient.
According to ROPER method, the whole marked is divided into several parts:
1. Settled - desire for peace and harmony, they are tradition-oriented, middle class seniors who are making full use of their retirement. Cultivating a puritan consumption style oriented to family, security and health.
2. Homebodies - earning for security and status. Conformist families of simple origin dreaming of an easier life. They are in search of products offering security and acceptance.

3. Dreamers - dream of great fortune. Intuitive, young, materialistic people chasing the world of stars and a place at the sun. Looking for brands with a high image and for bargains.

4. Adventurers - living passions. Young, dynamic people on the road for success and material independence. Conspicuous consumption oriented to leisure time and innovations.   Trend-setters.

5. Open minded - between self-realization, social responsibility and enjoyment. Hedonistic, tolerant intellectuals searching for individuality and personal harmony. Exalted consumption style with focus on lifestyle and ambience.

6. Organics – search for sustainability and intellectual enrichment. Engaged families with commitment for environment and society without neglecting the bride sides of life. Rational style of consumption oriented at high quality and sustainability.

7. Rational-realists - hard work and respect for the nature. Critical and engaged intellectual couples looking for a future worth living. Spend time researching brands corresponding to their high demands.

8. Demanding - sense of duty and discipline. Educated, conscientious citizens with traditional foothold and disciplined personality. Demanding...


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