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Have we missed some critical information from this article? Are you a company, organisation or research group operating in this region and feel you warrant inclusion on this page? Also please feel free to help us keep this page up to date with the latest developments or discoveries in this region. Shoot through an email and one of our editorial team will get back to you.By AZoMining EditorsTopics CoveredWelcome to AfghanistanOverview of ResourcesMetalsFossil FuelsInvestmentSources Welcome to AfghanistanAfghanistan, with a total population of 30,419,928 as of July 2012, is located in Southern Asia, north and west of Pakistan, east of Iran. The country mostly has an arid to semiarid climate and covers a total area of 652,230 km2.The national flag of Afghanistan.Image Credit: CIA Factbook.In 2001, the UN-sponsored Bonn Conference focused Magnetic Separator Used In Coal Processing
on reconstructing Afghanistan’s political system and conducted a presidential election in 2004, National Assembly elections in 2005 and also developed a new constitution. Afghanistan’s economy has experienced a positive growth rate since 2001. This improvement in the economy is mainly due to the recovery of the agricultural sector, service sector growth and international aid. The country’s GDP as of July 2011 was $30.11 billion.Despite the increasing economic growth rate that the country witnessed in the past few years, Afghanistan still seems to depend on international aid and the people suffer from insufficient jobs, lack of water, medical care, housing and electricity shortage. On the basis of these aspects, Afghanistan is believed to have one of the lowest living standards in the world.The country hopes to see a change in its economic status as it has a number of unexploited mineral and energy resources that can indeed contribute to the economic growth rate of Afghanistan.Overview of ResourcesAfghanistan’s key mineral resources include gold, chromium, lead, copper, zinc, precious and...


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