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Satans Character in Paradise Lost

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Milton's Satan, by common consent, is one of the greatest artistic creation in any language. He is the most heroic and magnificent character ever portrayed. There has been great controversy on the ambiguity of his character. Yet it is true that his character engages the reader's attention and excites his admiration also. He is the main character of "Paradise Lost Book1". From the beginning of the epic poem till end, his character degenrates. This degradation gives real epic quality to Paradise Lost & also to Satan himself.

Satan is the villain of the great epic poem. He is an embodiment of evil incarnate. He disobeys God. He cannot be the hero, for in the end, he himself realizes his impotence. The revolt which Satan stirs up in the Heaven, leads to the fall of the angels. The problem for Milton was how to present such an evil character. If Milton had presented him pure and undisguised evil, he would have risked losing the sympathy & interest of his readers. He realised this danger and depricted Satan as possesing many purlities which are good, noble and wholly admirable. That's why, Satan's character is called unique and raged a great controversy among the critics. Yet it is true that he is means to be the villain. He is called 'archfriend', 'arch-enemy', 'apostale angel', 'the adversary of God & Man', n'the spirit malign' etc. His rebellion against God is due to pride and his desire to continue the war of envy, revenge and love of Evil.

Satan is an Archangel in Heaven. He has a high place in the hierarchy of angels. But he is proud and defiant. He rebels against God and falls down to Hell. One third rebellious angels also suffer from the same fate. From pride arise all the evils. Satan is full of pride.

He is courageous.He may be wrong headed, but he has infinite courage in himself. As the poem begins Satan is in a hopeless situation. He lies dazed & stunned in the Lake of liquid fire along with other angels. Heaven is lost to Satan &...


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