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Breaker Morant

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English: Breaker Morant Monologue


The character I have chose in this play is Breaker Morant by Kenneth Ross is Lieutenant Harry Breaker Morant, the most primary reason why I decided to express my views creatively upon this issue, of the play Breaker Morant by Kenneth Ross, is that the order made clear by the British High Command sent out to the Bushveldt Carabineers was bitter and simple. To fight the Boer on its terms, and to take no prisoners. Such an order could prove fatal, especially to Lieutenant Harry Breaker Morant, who was dishonourably used as a scapegoat for the British Empire to appease political conflict between Germany at the time. Throughout this writing piece, I hope to give insight to the audience in what thoughts feelings would have gone through the Australians minds, especially Lieutenant Harry Breaker Morant.


Hi I lieutenant Harry Breaker Morant, state to you all today, as god as my witness, in the fight for justice, that my actions and behaviour did not at any time breach those of orders given to me by the British High Command during periods of combat. However it was ironically clear that the corrupt jury did not listen, appreciate, or respect Handcock, Whitten or myself in the one eyed courtroom. It was as if we Australians where playing heads or tails, on a double headed penny, there were no possibility of victory.
My survival, honour and safe return home was all, but a fading light at the end of the tunnel. It was clear that they wanted me to fight the Boer, but also to be used as a scapegoat for the empire, I lieutenant Morant, leader of the special group, the Bushveldt Carabineers. I guess that us Australians fighting for the Empire was not a privilege, but a scam, a set up, we were fooled. There they were watching us fighting such inhumanly, to take out as many of the enemy as possible, and to return none, that was the order and we did nothing but followed it. Something the British where to afraid to...


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