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Do you know a man who’s still carrying around his paper money folded in half with a rubber band keeping everything together? Or how about that friend of yours that has all of his cash rolled up in balls in his front pocket like he just left dollar draft night at the local college bar? Worst of all are those few unfortunate souls that are using a(gasp!) nylon and Velcro “wallet” with a picture of a cheesy early 90s band emblazoned right on the front. Isn’t it time for these men to start acting like men and carrying Cardboard Filter
around their money in a new leather wallets or personalized money clip? Wouldn’t something like that make a great gift for one of these seemingly lost causes.
The first thing to know is that it is never too late for these men. A new leather wallet or a cash gripping money clip is an easy transition for any man, they just need to be shown the way. There are so many different styles to choose from these days that you’ll have no problem picking out the right one for the man on your gift list. A leather wallet will work for just about anyone but particularly businessmen. They can carry everything from cash and credit cards to important receipts and business cards.
There are a few different style wallets to choose from. The most basic is the bi-fold Cotton Cake Filter
wallet. This is your classic wallet, with a crease down the middle and a fold to hold your bills. This is similar to the tri-fold wallet but the tri-fold has 2 creases and folds in three sections. They both usually have multiple slots for credit cards. A modern twist on these traditional looks is the money clip wallet. These are similar to the classic bi-fold and tri-fold but have the added feature of a metal or leather clip to hold you bills. This gives you easier and quicker access to your cash without losing any security.
Of course, you may want to skip the wallet altogether and go straight for the money clip. These are great if...


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