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The Romantic Period

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The Romantic Period

Throughout the Romantic period, artists had shown their romantic side. The expressive and emotional parts in all composers were being shown. Artists who possessed an unlimited amount of creativity had finally found the freedom of expression, and it showed how one felt through the sensitive words of that time’s literature. “To One Who Has Been Long In City Pent” written by John Keats is an excellent work of art just created in the period of the romanticism. The author John Keats was one of the most influential poets during the English Romanticism, and his linguistic usage throughout the poem is typical for the romantic period. In the poem, John Keats finds an inner kind of peace when he is able to escape to the countryside and reestablish the joys of existence in a natural environment, but at one point reality of the busy cities strike, and John Keats is forced to face what is not interpreted as the ideal existence. Therefore the main theme of the poem is the comparison between nature and the stressful cities.
The poem as a whole is extremely hard to understand, and therefore it takes an analysis to excavate the main points along with the messages that are being sent.   This piece of art written by John Keats is a traditional poem in which he as a writer express his subjective understanding of the world as well as his point of view on how society was at the time he wrote it. The motive for John Keats to write this poem was probably to put out his perspective and meaning on what the ideal life was, and how it was supposed to be lived. The poem itself is relatively short with only fourteen lines distributed in one stanza. Each line has got its own length, and this means that there is no definite outer structure. The fact that the outer structure is missing, makes it extra complicated for the reader to orientate the reader’s vision and this makes the poem slightly more difficult to read and navigate through. The narrator is John Keats himself,...


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