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Sand Screening Machinery Price in India

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For the power required in causing the slipping ofthe belt was found to be greater than the power necessary for driving the rolls, and so such a strain was thrown upon the controller gears as to result in the excessive wear and frequent breaking of their teeth, thus rendering the machine inoperative un-4 der these conditions. I found, therefore,sand screening machine that by dividing the rolls into sections, with the ribs of one section registering with the grooves of the other section, the necessity for a double belt drive and a double controller gear was obviated and a perfectly operating machine would follow by the use of a single drive pulley and one pair of driving gears connecting the rolls having their ribs arranged as described.

Figure l is a perspective showing my improved ore Crusher. Fig. 2 is a sectional side elevation on line 2 9., Fig. 3. Fig. 3 is an end elevation.A designates the frame or bed having fixed bearings a, a, sliding bearings a, a, and rods a2, a2 extending from the sliding bearings and provided at their opposite ends with tension springs a3, as to draw the sliding bearings toward the fixed bearings. This construction is that commonly enr ployed in the class of ore crushers employing parallel crushing rolls.

B, B are the crushing rolls provided with longitudinally extending ribs 7). The ribbed surface of each roll is divided at the middle of the roll so that the ribs of one-half of the roll register at their inner ends with the grooves of the other half of the roll and extend in longitudinal alinement therewith. The ribs l) of one roll register with the grooves b of the other roll. The ends of the roll shafts are provided with longtoothed drive gears b2, o2, which mesh with each other. The opposite end of one roll shaft is provided with a large heavy drive pulley C for rotating the rolls at a high peripheral velocity.

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