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Marble Powder Processing Machine for Sale

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The heads contained 0.80 percent copper, the ore being ground to a 28 mesh size. The results obtained from two tests are as follows:TABLE 2 Lb. H 804 H280 Tails Percent Cu per lb. Cu lb./ton percent Cu extraction extracted EXAMPLE 3 A vanadium bearing sandstone and clay low grade ore was used. The heads contained 3.35 percent V 0 and the ore was ground to a -6 mesh size.

Again, the top layer of a pile of ore about 8 deep was leached. Concentrated sulfuric acid was sprinkled over the top of the ore and enough moisture added to give about 10 percent water. The pile was stirred or plowed 8" deepmarble powder plant,marble powder plant. The mixing was continued daily for ten days with water being added throughout to maintain about 10 percent moisture. After ten days, the layer of ore which had been leached was repulped to 50 percent solids with water, filtered and washed. Vanadium values were recovered from the leach solution by standard procedures. The results obtained are tabulated as follows:

The process has a distinct advantage when sulfuric acid is used to leach ore containing large limestone ribs which are of no mineral value. Some ores have inclusions of barren limestone incorporated therein. These occasionally occur in sandstone uranium ores. When these ores are leached with sulfuric acid in accordance with the process of this invention a calcium sulfate coating is formed on the large limestone particles which protects them from acid, thus greatly decreasing the acid consumption as compared to an agitation leach procedure wherein the limestone is in small particle size readily attacked by the acid. The process eliminates the use of oxidizing agents, such as manganese dioxide, ordinarily re quired in agitation leaching of some type ores.

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