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Recently, graduates always meet some obstacles during the way of finding a job and the unemployment of young people is following to become a serious problem in many countries. In my essay , I will talk about some aftermath will be caused by the unemployment of young people and put forward some proposals.
  Obviously , the most direct influence on unemployed young people is they cannot keep the pot boiling. Consequently, they cannot support a family or cannot afford to pay the debt which bring their relatives huge economical pressure and mental pressure. Therefore, they are easily become pessimistic and hopeless.
  However, it is not a problem for a person. In fact, this is a problem for the whole society. As the rapid increase of the unemployment rate will let the society become unstable and it also make the crime rate climb because these people who in despair gather together and commit a crime such as robbing or even more grievous problem.
    Normally, people’s useful opinions are in two aspects .first of all, someone suggest that in order to preserve unemployed people’s living standard, government should subsidy those people who lose jobs or expand postgraduates’ numbers. In the other hand, these ways cannot solve the root of this problem.. as a result, some people think we should concentrate on self questions which suggest them reduce the unuseful anticipate and do some fundamental job such as working at community or countryside. Furthermore, it is really necessary for their   career development and it also decline the unemployment rate efficiently


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