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Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine for Sale in India

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The concentrates from the induction rotor magnetic separator 10, (or gravity concentrator 11, when corundum is present) are collected on conveyor 21 and placed in mixing or blending bins 13 whose capacity usually ranges from to 100 tons each. The product before entering these bins is automatically sampled by the mechanical sampler 12 and after the composition has been determined by a chemical or mineralogical analysis, the contents of the various bins S 13 are blended by using suitable weighing conveyors, such as the Hardinge belt feeder,calcium carbonate grinding mill or a volume feeder. These feeds empty on conveyor 22 which discharges on conveyor 19 for final loading in railroad car 18. Mixing of the contents of the various bins is not necessary as this is complished when the product is being loaded into cars. Furthermore, the contents of the various bins are unloaded at the same time in order to bin are unloaded at the same time in order to fe the c m o c When the syenite product is desired for use Sother than in a granular formnglas iron concentrates, after blending on conveyor 22, Sare carried into bin 14 which feeds eIidi mill 15, in order to further reduce the particle size to a finely ground condition. This grinding mill is in closed circuit with air classifier 16 whose c*- -I oversize is returned on conveyor (1 to the grinding mill, and whose finished product passes to railroad cars 18. This finely ground syenite with a low iron content is thus suitable for use in ceramics and also in glass batches when the granular grinding may not be preferred.

The process as described is continuous in operation and the losses depend upon the particular syenite being processed. The losses are generally in proportion to the content of impurities which must be removed and the fine dust lost in processing.An example of the action of a nepheline syenite to treatment by the above process is as follows: ear- rginal rn-mine tra nephelsyenite process s9.68 si02 62.46 20...


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