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How the Worst Impacts in Our Lives Make Us Who We Are

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The idea of becoming someone is actually pretty scary. We spent a life time trying to find who we really are, when in fact what we actually are is being forgotten by ourselves, who are just lost souls trying to find our way back.
We are looking for the truth but the truth is always walking with us.
We make choices all over our life, and we are always looking for meanings that can define the truth, but those meanings are not implying anything, they are just out there forcing us to believe in a definition that may be doubtful as well as not accurate. But in fact, what we don’t seem to realize is that: we are the truth behind everything, we are the experiences that we have, and how we live our life everyday is just a consequence of what we learned from the experiences that we had, whether they were good or not so enjoyable.
Although we can surely say life is a box full of surprises, as this surprises go on we eventually find out that our lives can be and most likely are spinning around the experiences we had.   Those were the ones that influenced us to become who we are today. We survive living by the experiences we are given every day, living in a mix of fear and freedom, always in the middle and trying to balance what we judge for right.
We are easily influenced by the experiences we have. We live in a judgmental world that’s not up to know and care about what’s good for you, but yes full of people with bad intentions trying to make you give up and believe you’ll never amount anything.
We live from the traumas. We are scared human people who are too worried about how we should live our lives in a way that can make the others happy, because we’ve been through so much pain we can’t tell what the right thing to do is. So many bad experiences have happened to us that the truth is hidden in a closet, locked with seven keys and we let our live be ruled by those who shouldn’t mean a thing to us.
Living daily...


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