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Sun Never Rise in the East; an Essay on Decliniation of Our True Culture

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Declination Of Indian And Assamese Culture

Sun Never Rises In the East

One morning, when I woke up I heard a girl crying because she was beaten up by her mother, in my neighbor. On hearing the noise I went near them and when I asked her the reason behind beating her daughter, she replied that her daughter had went to watch an Assamese film with a boy who is of the same standard with her in her college. I was surprised and so I asked her, “So what! An Assamese watching an Assamese film is not wrong”. She then asked me, “Now-a-days how many6 people go to watch an Assamese film in a hall?”. “Hardly four or five”, I replied. “Right, Now tell me in an empty hall what was my daughter doing, whether she was watching the film or was doing romance with that boy?”. She asked me.

This is what actually the picture of our Assamese film industry is. Earlier people used to do romance behind the screams but now-a-days people do romance in front of the screens especially if Assamese films are screened. This is because both Hollywood and Bollywood has been dominating over the last few decades. Hollywood uses better technologies and is far from our reach. Bollywood on the other hand more than technologies deals with unreal insistences and intimacy. In case of intimacy there are some films like Jism-2, Murder, Rape, etc which motivates the younger generatio0ns to fall in blind love and to get involve in intimate affairs. Moreover in films like Bodyguard and all we can see Salman Khan flying out of a moving train and entering into an another train coming from the opposite direction which we can never experience in reality. These kinds of films make lots of entertainment for the common people and as Assamese films are unable to deal with such things, no people even bothers about watching an Assamese film. Our films have lack of technologies for which it cannot deal with certain kinds of unreality like a hero punching a villain and four/five villains automatically flies out...


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