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Careers: Registered Nurse

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My goal for my future is becoming a registered nurse (RN). Being a registered nurse is my dream job and it definitely will not be easy. The education requirements and the work of being a registered nurse will not only be difficult but worth it as well. A registered nurse has such an important job and many responsibilities. As a registered nurse (RN) you are the on a patient and their family will rely on to Explain the illness or injury, treatment, medication, diet, self-administration of medication, and physical therapy if required. RN’s do not have an easy job by any means. For example, you must establish a compassionate and faithful environment for your patients no matter how stressful or bad you day has been. It is your responsibility to confirm operation of equipment, maintain stability, and even to maintain nursing supply inventory. There is not one part of the hospital, doctors office, or medical field in general that you do not play an important role or make a large impact in. Patients, staff members, and so many things/activities in the hospital depend on you as a registered nurse alone.  
Being a registered nurse (RN) has always been a dream of mine. I’ve always known I wanted to do something that involved helping and being there for someone. I never realized what exactly it was though until my dad was diagnosed with cancer. After seeing him go through the awful, ongoing process of chemo, a transplant, numerous doctors’ appointments, and constant stays at the hospital. It was then that I knew for certain what I wanted, needed to become; a registered nurse.
Registered nurses are the ones who explain your diagnoses to you and they try to explain what can be done in your best interest.   There are so many patients that do not have any family to be by their side through the hardships of illness. I’ve always been told that one smile or any nice gesture alone can brighten someone’s day. I believe that’s one thing I could do as a dedicated, compassionate...


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