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The Hammer Crusher Is Widely Applied in Industries

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Hammer crusher in use process we need more protection, now we all know the use of hammer crusher in mining above is very common, when we use the hammer crusher we need to pay attention to many problems, this is also our in order to better play our hammer crusher, a way to develop our economy, let's see what we all need to pay attention to the specific content: First of all we need to hammer crusher hammer head protection, we hammer head is the secret weapon of hammer crusher, we need to protect it, specific there are a few points: we need to check before we use our hammer head, for lubrication, we need to do, to make our hammer crusher to use will not be too much friction and appear some unnecessary trouble.

Here Great Wall Heavy Industry experts give a detailed analysis about the fan blade of hammer crusher:

1. It is ok to materials with not high hardness. Under the condition of the same pipe diameter, bigger air volume and bigger air pressure will produce higher air speed, stronger production capacity, higher conveying height and better separating effect. At the same time, the pipe gets abrased more quickly and the energy consumption is higher.

2. For the hard materials with big granularity, some lump materials are easily to crash into the centrifugal fan chamber from the hammer rotor chamber, so the centrifugal fan blade crushes materials at the same time of feeding, accelerating the wear of centrifugal fan.

Every coin has two sides. So we should pay attention to two aspects, namely crushing effect and productivity when we remove the fan blade away. We should balance these two aspects and neither can be ignored.

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Aggregate Crusher...


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