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Coal Mining Machine Manufacturer in India

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The multistage grinding mill disclosed in FIG. 1 of the drawing comprises in general a rotary cylindrical casing 1 illustrated as having uniform or substantially uniform diameter throughout its length,coal mining equipment manufacturers the casing being provided with feed and discharge end heads 2, 3, respectively. The casing 1 is divided into a pair of grinding chambers 4 and 5 in a manner and by structure that will be described in detail later. The chamber 4 on the inlet end of the casing 1 is provided with a plurality of rods 6 that provide for relatively coarse grinding in the chamber 4. The chamber 5 is provided with a plurality of balls 7 for relatively fine grinding of material in the chamber 5. The mill is rotatably mounted in suitable end bearings which carry feed and discharge trunnions 11 and 12, respectively. Rotary motion about its horizontal central axis is imparted to the mill by means of power applied to a driving gear 13 secured either around the inlet end of the casing 1 as shown or around the feed trunnion (not shown). The feed end of the mill is provided with a feeder 15 for introducing the material which is to be reduced in size, into the inlet end of the coarse grinding chamber 4 through the feed trunnion 11.

The discharge end of chamber 5 is provided with a perforated plate 19 which is spaced from the end head 3. Located within the space between plate 19 and the end head 3 is a series of elevating vanes 20. The inner extremities of the elevating vanes 20 are located close to a central discharge cone 21, the apex of which is directed toward the discharge trunnion 12. The arrangement shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 for dividing the casing 1 into the two grinding compartments 4 and 5, includes an arrangement of parts described and claimed in the copending patent application of Raymond C. Jenness and Wayne C. Dannenbrink, before mentioned, and to which the present invention is applied. A division head assembly 25 is mounted within the mill and as...


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