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The Common Problems and Solutions of the Mobile Impact Crusher

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Because the mobile impact crusher has the advantages of high crushing ratio, high efficiency, and low consumption ,it is widely used the calcium carbide, quartz, limestone, coal, dolomite,and other industries, and is popular with people. But more or less,the problems will appear in use, which is not conducive to the operation.Now,we will analyse the common problems and solutions of the mobile impact crusher as follows.

1.The abnormal vibration
Reasons: The feeding is excessive , the wear is uniform , the rotor is imbalanced when replacing or assembling the flat hammer, the foundation is not solid .

Solutions:Check the feed size, replace the counterattack hammer, reinstall plate hammer, correct the balance of the rotor,check the anchor bolt and reinforce it.

2.Turn over the belt
Reasons: The belt itself has poor quality,the belts are worn seriously,the belt assembly is incorrectly or has problems

Solutions:Be sure to choose the qualified belt, replace the seriously worn belt, install the pulley according to the reasonable methods , adjust it in the same level.

3.The discharging granularity is too large
Reasons:The plate or plate hammer wear out seriously ,which leads the clearance between the back plate and the hammerhead to becoming too big,so the feed particle size is too large.

Solutions:Replace the worn lining board or board hammer, adjust the clearance between the back frames making its two sides and the frame line can achieve the relative clearance in order to keep the discharging granularity, general adjust them for 15 to 20 mm.

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