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Private vs State

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Private schools better than state schools
In this essay whether private schools are better than state schools will be discussed. Over 80% of parents want their children to go to private schools! But why? Parents always think of private schools being tremendous places for children to be educated but are they right? Have people ever though about the problems caused by sending pupils to private schools?
Firstly when we say Private schools what do we mean? Is it a school where more care and attention are given to pupils and pupils always receive good grades or doesn’t really mean something else? The true meaning of private school is: a school funded by the parents and not by the government.Furthemore what do us mean better? Better literally means a school that appreciates its pupils and everyone child is given the care and attention needed. In order for a school to be better than another school the school doesn’t need to have better GCSE results and A level results.
If we look at the statement in a different way it can also mean that State schools are worse than Private schools. But let’s start by questioning the words “state schools” and “worse.”Well state schools are schools where parents don’t pay for the children’s education and it is funded by the government. Worse literally means a school that doesn’t appreciates its pupils and everyone child isn’t given the care and attention needed.
Most parents when choosing schools consider GCSE and A level results. The statement Private schools have better GCSE and A level results than State schools isn’t necessarily true because a state school called Newer Hill High school received an amazing 67% A*-A where as a private school called Peterborough St Margets had received 47.5% A*-A this proves that some state schools can have better GCSE results and A level results than Private schools so we can’t base our opinions on GCSE results and A-level results.
Private schools have many advantages compared to a state school for...


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