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Solid Waste Management in Anp

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Solid Waste Management in Ayubia National Park


Ayubia National Park is located within the Western Himalayan global eco-region and has a very rich biodiversity, providing an excellent habitat to important plant and wildlife species. The park is one of the most popular tourist hill resorts in Pakistan, with approximately 250,000 tourists visiting annually, especially during the summer season. The Pipeline Track from Dunga Galli to Ayubia (4km) is trekked by the many tourists through the Moist Temperate Forest, providing scenic views. However, the improper disposal of waste in the area is quickly destroying its touristic appeal and natural beauty. Furthermore, it has a great negative impact on the environment, polluting the ecosystems which support the rare species inhabiting the area, such as the Common Leopard, and also contaminating water sources in the park. Ayubia National Park is one of Pakistan’s treasures and hosts one of the best tracks in the world, so there is an urgent need for it to be properly maintained and for proper solid waste practices to be introduced, to save the park from further destruction and sustain it for future generations. 

Main Objective

After observing the present waste collection and disposal system in the national park, particularly on the Pipeline Track, propose a modern yet feasible, simple and cost-effective plan to manage the waste.

Current Situation

    • The major contributors to the improper disposal of solid waste in the area are the local hotels and restaurants, as they dump their rubbish on mountain slopes or on the boundary areas of the national park, and even right outside on the street.

    • Also the tourists who visit, as they generally lack awareness and throw waste openly on the floor or off the track, down the slopes into the forest. This is mainly composed of food packaging eg. plastic crisp wrappers, plastic bottles, cans and also cigarette butts. 

    • Galliat...


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