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Better To Be Alone Than In Bad Company” My experience of hanging out with the wrong crowd has taught me that not all people are just like me. It has also taught me that good friends are hard to find. That is why it is “Better to be alone than in bad company.” My experience with hanging with the bad crowd goes back to high school at the end of the school year 2000. I was a freshman. I knew this girl by the name of Christina. She was a really nice person. We talked on the phone, did our homework together, and ate lunch together. We did everything best friends do. Christina also had another side to her. I couldn’t figure it out but I knew I would see it sooner or later. Although I didn’t really know all the things she did in her personal time, I still considered her a friend. One Sunday, Chris and I had made plans to catch an early movie along with some other guys from school because the next day was a school day. On the way to the movies we started discussing our grades. I remember that Chris had told me she had been slacking off, and she had a “D” in History class and in her house a “D” was not acceptable. If she did get a “D”, her parents wouldn’t let her participate in any extracurricular activities next year. So Chris said, “Man wouldn’t it be cool if we could steal the history final exam.” I didn’t pay her any attention, and so I changed the subject. After the movie, she asked, “Kelli can you steal the final exam while me and the guys look out”? So I said, “I would think about about it.” Really hoping she wouldn’t ask me again or forget about it. Deep down inside I knew cheating and stealing was wrong. I knew that if I got caught stealing a test or cheating on a test that I would be the one facing all the consequences. On the way home I was quiet and the guys were talking about how good the movie was and about some basketball tourname...


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