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Have no fear a hero is here!   “What characteristics should a hero have?”   This is the question people ask.   People have many different ideas on what a hero should be like.   But surely most people would agree that a hero should be strong, intelligent, and brave.   These characteristics have stayed the same, for the most part, from years ago.

Strength is an ideal characteristic of a hero.   Not only physical strength, but also strength in mind, heart, and spirit.   The popular children super hero, Superman, possessed all these types of strength.   He was able to lift cars, was smart, and also very kind to the good people.   Superman was not always nice to everyone.   He would punish the “evil doers” around the world for trying to hurt the innocent people.

Intelligence is the next characteristic.   Never in the history of hero’s was there a

dumb hero.   The hero needs to be intelligent, so he can figure different tactics to come to a solution for a problem.   In some cases a hero may be a doctor who saves a family member from dying of heart problems.   The doctor must be intelligent enough to be able to know what to look for to diagnose this problem.

Courage is the most important characteristic of a hero.   A hero must have courage to risk their life for the life of another person.   If a hero were not brave this “hero” would never be able so save someone who is in harms way.   The fire fighters, police officers, and paramedics in this country surely have courage.   Being able to wake up every morning and not knowing what is going to go wrong that day takes courage.

Surely one will agree that the typical hero possesses these three characteristics.   In all hero’s, one will find strength, intelligence, and courage.   These characteristics of a hero, for the most part, are the same characteristics of a hero from years past.


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