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How Far Do You Agree That William Duke of Normandy’s Military Skills Were the Main Reason for His Success in Securing the English Throne in 1066?

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William of Normandy’s father died whilst he was only young leaving William as the Duke of Normandy at the age of 7. This meant William started training in warfare very young, quickly gathering experience and knowledge of how to plan a battle and then what tactics were best for different scenarios. This experienced that was gained at such a young age meant that William had many years of experience in warfare which helped him prepare for the battle of Hastings in 1066 against Harold Godwinson which then ultimately led to Harold’s death and securing the English throne.
  Another factor that was important in William winning the battle of Hastings was that, from his experience gained at a young age, he had to keep his army well trained and ensure he had enough of an army to overpower another army- something he was used to doing from Normandy where he had to defend Normandy from invasion and secure his land. Leading up to the battle against Harold, William made sure that his men and horses were well fed and he had enough provisions to last him the journey over to England from Normandy. The fact his men and horses needed to be so well fed was something William had learned from experience and in turn this led to William’s army being strong enough to overpower Harold’s army and helped William in securing the English throne.
  During the battle, in an attempt to break the Anglo-Saxon’s famous shield wall, William had his army feigning retreat which led to Harold’s men breaking the shield wall to chase after the retreating army and kill them- however, when far enough away from Harold’s main bulk of the army, William’s army would then turn around and cut down Harold’s men. This tactic meant that William’s army could get through the shield wall and attack Harold’s men leading to William’s army over-powering Harold’s army and ultimately, after Harold’s death, leading to William securing the English throne.

  On the other hand, the tactic William used to feigned re-treat...


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