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Why Not Sit?

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Why not sit all day? Why do organizations and the Canadian Government support healthy active living? Isn’t sitting healthy you sit all day at school, and then when you get home there is that three hours of homework so you end up sitting at a desk doing homework all night. That is a total of six or more hours a day!   Well now that we as humans are sitting more than ever recorded researchers have concluded that sitting has an overall toll on your health.
For most or all people in North America you sit in a chair for at least six hours or more a day, and researches have taken that into precaution. Recently as in January of 2014, researchers have concluded that prolonged sitting is linked to worse mental health, a higher risk of death from heart disease and other causes such as cancer. Andrea LaCroix, PhD, director of the Women’s Health Center of Excellence at the University of California, San Diego has proven this. LaCroix states “sitting has been linked to cardiovascular events like heart attack, heart disease death, overall death, and death from cancer.”   Prolonged sitting has more diverse effects too such as high blood pressure, obesity, and bad cholesterol.
Not only is prolonged sitting destructive to your physical health but researchers have also found that sitting does nothing good for mental health either. Just like the rest of your body your brain depends on strong blood flow, good oxygen flow, and optimal glucose metabolism to work properly. Sitting down disturbs that important flow, and disturbs the sufficient function of the brain. When sitting your skeletal muscle fibers don’t contract, in particular the large muscles of your lower limbs. When that occurs the muscles require less fuel, and the excess glucose compile in your bloodstream and contributes to obesity, diabetes, and the other health problems listed earlier. Sitting reduces the full capacity of our brain and especially in school students are to be able to use their brains capacity, but they...


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