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Kosun Improvement the Mud Agitator Design

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Drilling mud agitator http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/mud-agitator.html is one part of solids control system with the purpose of mixing drilling mud and make sure drilling cuttings do not deposit at the bottom of the tank and successfully pass through circulation system. Its functions focuses on suspending the solids phase in the drilling mud.

Drilling cutting dryer http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/vertical-centrifuge.html is the major harmful solids phase in drilling mud, and the proper way to get rid of them usually makes these harmful cuttings suspend in the drilling fluids and then would be separated by desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge in order. Useful solids phase such as barite, ground hematite and little amount of bentonite still need to be suspended in order to ensure steady performance of density, viscosity and characteristic of drilling mud. Mud agitator will bear the task of mixing drilling mud suspended with steady and continuous processing state to prevent disposition of drilling mud solids phase.  

Vertical mud agitator is a specialized mixing unit and doesn’t simply used in chemical and food processing industry. At present, in drilling mud solids control http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/, mechanical agitators are widely used which is composed of gearing box, shaft and impeller. Mud agitator is a very important unit on the tank, and serious speaking, once drilling solids control works, mud agitator would never stop. This also protects the normal working of following unit such as decanter centrifuge and so on.

With the requirement of technical update and complicated drilling conditions, generator-gearing unit-mixing unit construction mud agitator is promoted accordingly. This kind of mud agitator resolve the problems of unsteady processing state, high power consumption, broken impeller, discrete processing, serious oil leak and oil impregnate. Compared with the new designed mud agitator, primary...


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