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Question 1:The source of your news makes a huge difference today because some of the news companies are more biased towards a certain political party. and if they are for the other political party they will have different views on most of the news topics.For example republicans and conservatives like fox news, and liberals and democrats like msnbc. And for that reason they cater to the more predominant viewers so that they stay watching their station. Also they use other approaches like hiring good looking people, because they are eye catching instead of really ugly and make people want to change the channel. Also they use a lot of colors and headlines on the bottom of the screen to catch the eye.This is news in 2015.

Question 2: Dear, Intelligencer
I believe many of the political campaign ads to display false promises and lies about what the candidates say they will do when elected and i think that that is wrong they should not promise things that they can't fulfill. Also they use kids and other props so that it makes them look better and i believe that the is wrong too. To be honest political campaigning is basically to see who is a better liar and which one do you believe.

Question 3 : In class the campaign ads we watched had kids in them and the is to just help the candidate. Because it in a way brainwashes people into thinking that the candidate is automatically a good person because everyone unknowingly believes that if a person is good with kids they must be a good person and trustworthy. And in politics all you need is people who like and trust you to succeed.

Question 4: Political cartoons are a comical way to get the message across and explain what's going on. So that it shows us in a way of over exaggerating what's going on with the economy and with politics. How different people see the way things are. For example one of the cartoons we looked at was a picture of Kim jong un as the wicked witch from the wizard of oz and he was...


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