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‘Investment and Support from Foreign Powers Was the Main Reason the Weimar Republic Survived in the 1920s.’ How Far Do You Agree?

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‘Investment and support from foreign powers was the main reason the Weimar Republic survived in the 1920s.’ How far do you agree?
During the 1920s, there were many ups and downs for Weimar Germany and to start with they struggled and bounced between governments, especially with hyperinflation in 1923. But with the help of foreign support, Weimar was able to make it to the 1930s.
It could be said that the Locarno Pact contributed greatly to the stability of Weimar – this is due to the fact that the Locarno Pact stated that Britain and Italy would come to the aid of Germany if its eastern borders were attacked by France. This provided Germany the security she needed from having very small armed forces due to the reductions made by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. However, it wasn’t just the physical security that Locarno gave Weimar, it was also the spirit of Locarno and how it was perceived at the time that helped Weimar survive. When announced in 1925, many were pleased by the occurrence of Locarno and that they were the ones now to be helped – as many Germans felt like Europe was against them after being blamed for the outbreak of World War One in Clause 231 of Versailles. A main reason though for the Locarno Pact and also other investments and supports from foreign countries was the Weimar Foreign Minister from 1923 to 1929 – Gustav Stresemann. Stresemann was Weimar’s most successful foreign minister, and orchestrated the reconciliation between France and Germany that had been spiteful only months previous to his appointment. Stresemann also arranged for Germany to join the League of Nations in 1926 which boosted their economy to start with, and also gave them a solid platform on which to improve international relations around the globe. This in turn, highlighted to other countries that Germany was ready to be accepted again into the spectrum of leading nations; and was a main reason why Germany was able to get the foreign aid and support that it did receive....


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