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Building a Computer

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Building a supercomputer

Ever thought how cool it would be to build your own computer to your likings? I also wondered what it would be like when I first started getting into technology. Well if you ever have, then you probably are asking “Where do I start?” The first thing you have to do is realise what the base component of any computer. Most of you might be thinking that it is the motherboard. While you are on the right track, the correct answer is the processor.   The motherboard is like the heart to the body, providing life to every part. Without it everything would not even run. The processors are   more like the brain to the body telling everything what its job is., because most of the times, it is telling everything else what to do, or process. The definition by Dictionary.com states that a processor is an electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed. So if you ever are looking at buying a processor, here are something’s to take a look at that could change the way that you decide how you are going to buy a processor.

GHz aka Frequency
    Frequency: The rate of occurrence of equations. The GHz determines how fast the computer can process a system of equations in order to carry out any process you throw at it. So basically the higher the frequency, the faster the computer will out that specific system of equations. Why might I need to consider this if I ever build my own computer. Well it depends on what you are going to do with that computer. Anything intensive or hard on the processor such as gaming or photo editing to the extremes, will need a processor with a high amount of GHz but that also means maybe extending your budget. Also remember that doing anything else for example searching on the web or just plain diddly-duddly-dun-goofing will not need too much GHz so that would mean you have more budget to spend on other stuff.

NanoMetre Architecture
    NanoMetre Architecture: The...


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